Detergent Hymns

by Swings

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released January 17, 2015

mastered by chris goosman @ baseline audio labs

everything else by swings

recorded at ginny's house, timberville va, july 20th 2014 <3

infinite love to all who support

quiet year, jon from malatese, ginny, our moms and dads, our friends, eli and maggie for lines i stole, virginia air, and all the wonderful bands and people who have inspired and helped us



all rights reserved


Swings Washington, D.C.

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Track Name: Pale Trinity
nothing more disgusting than reaching into a bag,
but silicone and glitter and purity are christened light for me
the cleanest think they’re dirty and lilt their walks and take turns being tired,
and yeah it’s nice to dance but they’ll never dance it heavy just how you like
you can all stop writing your songs i found the cosmic secret,
it’s when you kick the ice it hits the ground and breaks like glass and sounds so good--
like little crystals saying “i know who you are”
Track Name: Close You
is there anything that can't be chalked up to time and who you spent it with? and who are you to turn me endless through washers? i guess desire's disease

close you you want that stone covered piece of me that has been nailed to the floor and then dropped

saturate your web spider woven strokes dig for your heart of hearts and i'll start singing cuz i have nothing to sing for reflexive porcelain dreams
Track Name: V
i am a cog i imitate an essence a level under someone just like me to mirror shadows when i'm just strokes

this russian doll is mirroring your lines tryna make em meet it's oh so sweet to know the ending before you start

vapor, carolina dance around me
i'm leaving salt behind so will you please stop trying?
the animal mirror's gone so now it's fog forever

disremember everything you've seen
purest form of looking wrong
refract away from anyone who'd know
collaging in an amber wave
Track Name: Phlegm
coy as hell and made up tornado boy gets loose
keep your eyes off the sand take a deep drag
drag me through the motions where you said you were sure you knew you well
second line for promise
willow tell me why we can't be

a polar circle spins

what's a nice solution for my vital company when every time i see it two orbs start asking me willow how'd you get so raw?
Track Name: Heavy Manner
i didn't know i'd burn my tongue on you but at least i'm alive and i want you in limestone tunnels guarding yourself from my tired songs i wanna taste your hot buttered soul that ugly candy that you spread too thin and lost
Track Name: Sans Dream
they're throwing a party for the minor league mvp and i got lost going downstairs where the interstellar dirty phantom lies down just like we used to willow when we had our grandeur til we slid toward the middle
either way you've seen me lately or either way you spin it baby

and sweet blood dan's dreaming baseball and echo people dance around the room where he rests and a dishwasher trance holds me shoulder and the kitchen sink's a portal to the room where they started to dance just like we used to willow when i was my own god

i wish you would kill your visionnaire
Track Name: Forearms
pet names in time trade places willowing me on god's watch

a car's pulled over with the license plate saying "storms"
and what isn't better when it's a surprise?
tan lines don't show me what's important
you're pretty very like good

let's get it over with
Track Name: Valley: Zero Sum
shake your head "no" when you hear something good
an undercut dance lowercase attack
divinity's grace has got power near pinned
slow target's no match for this bishop's next cut

my heart-race-body-puddle has stretched the afternoon
and tension's leaked out all the way
so where's a vibe to move

twin cubes in the holy orchid melting
restless looseness where i are
willow hates me hollow but i'm fading into
linen grey and storms and light and air

a drug in the flesh
Track Name: Calling It
manner and glassy me and when'd you start to bite?
a southern screamer lying on a pin of mannequins and tide and sheets

when you do you
it burns into me
a lamplight scratch
that drips into mood

whir alive